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andy from Osterburg / Germany wrote on 11/14/2014
hallo, ich wollt nur sagen dass das spiel beyound two souls von dir und quantic dreams toll war. leider habe ich nur den film juno gesehen und die art weise wie deine figur aufgetreten war klasse; eine frage dazu: wieviel einfluss hat der regisseur dabei??
falls du interesse auf beyound two souls 2 hast, ich habe quantic dream schon ein paar vorschläge geschickt.
mach weiter so, die welt braucht mehr menschen die sich für die probleme der welt interessieren als auf geld, gier und soweiter, die die welt erst recht in den abgrund schicken.

Don Wassink from USA wrote on 09/19/2014
I read your message, that you'd be reducing your work on EPO site to a minimum, and thought this would be a good time to say a huge THANK YOU for all the work you've done over the years. As I am a big fan of Ellen Page, I have greatly enjoyed visiting your site. Be assured, that any updates you may contribute in future will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Soo Yeon from Dague wrote on 08/15/2014
I LOVE her, and her acting, and i can feel how deeply she concerend about everything she faces..

My english is so short, haha..... but i have small dream. After when i enter a university, go to america as a exchange student and meet Ellen although a short time.

anyway, all of you here who love Ellen page, I want to see you and talk you and I hope you'll have happiness..

Lea Pelli from Wuppertal / Germany wrote on 07/30/2014

Ellen deine Arbeit ist einfach nur Spektakulär einfach wooow.Der Film "JUNO" den hab eich mir heute angeguckt , super lustig und unterhaltend .

Das es eine Person gibt die sich mir ähnelt.


Sal Eido from Halifax, Nova Scotia / Canada wrote on 06/17/2014
Dear Ellen Page:

Greetings from your old haunt: Trident Cafe on Morris. I remember seeing you almost daily and thinking the truant officer should be called to get you back to high school! This struggling writer would enormously appreciate it if you would have a read of 'The Law Professor', and give it a tweet-plug if you're so inclined.

Lattes on me your next visit to Hali!

Many thanks!


Daniel from Munich / Germany wrote on 02/21/2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ellen Page. All the best wishes and all luck on earth to her. I'm looking forward to her upcoming projects. Would be great if we could see her more often. Greetings to Ellen and all fans.

Diego from Colombia wrote on 02/19/2014
I saw the speech and I cried, you need to be very brave for telling the whole word your sexuality, and she inspired me for saying I\'m bisexual. Love you Ellen!!

Melinda from California wrote on 02/17/2014
I was attending the HRC conference and feel honored to have witnessed Ellen's coming-out speech. As the mother of a gay son, I appreciate her role-model of bravery, respect and decency. Thanks you, Ellen, you made us proud.

Larry from Indianapolis Indiana / United States wrote on 02/15/2014
Thank you for maintaining such a well thought-out and visually appealing website, dedicated to such an impressive young actor.

I am an over-50, out and proud male and this is a note of support for Ms. Page's thoughtful decision to share so openly of herself at the recent Time to THRIVE Conference.

Please continue to listen to your heart and be true to yourself. KUDOS!

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 02/15/2014
Although I did not feel as surprised to learn of Ellen's sexual orientation (because I feel most of us had our suspicions), I WILL say it took a GREAT deal of courage for her in coming to terms with making this public. I was heart-broken when I saw the pain in her face. I can only imagine this was terrifying to her. It says GREATLY that she can be honest about who she is both as a beautiful woman AND a beautiful person. Ellen if you do read this, I think I speak for everyone when I say I am VERY VERY proud of you for being honest with yourself. And no matter what happens in your career, we are still going to look forward to see you act on either the small or big screen. You are STILL you, and we love you.

Daniel from Munich wrote on 02/15/2014
Ellen ist eine atemberaubende Schauspielerin und eine außergewöhnliche Persönlichkeit. Diese Frau verdient auch eine außergewöhnliche Website- wie du sie hier geschaffen hast. Danke Dominik. Und vor allem über die Jahre hinweg so aktuell zu halten verdient höchsten Respekt!!

Allerhöchsten Respekt und größte Anerkennung verdient auch Ellens Coming Out gestern in Las Vegas. Das erfordert viel Mut und Courage und war der richtige Schritt in die richtige Richtung. Ich unterstütze sie in ihrer Entscheidung und wünsche ihr alles alles Gute und weiterhin enormen Erfolg.
Viele Grüße an das team von EPO- keep going guys

Charlie from Molins de Rei wrote on 01/20/2014
Ellen is the most beautiful girl in the world!!!!
and a great actress.I enjoy his movies, and i just do this with beyond. You´re an angel Ellen.
From Spain, with love.

Song Yunjeong from Changwon / Korea (South) wrote on 11/21/2013

I think there are extremely many references about Ellen in this site!

So I visit this site 'everyday', truly :)

Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to you ;)

Thank you, Dominik!

Arsen from Stockholm wrote on 10/27/2013
Just wanted to drop by and say that you're doing a great job with the site! Keep up the good work.

I absolutely love Ellen Page, I've seen all her work and I just feel she is an original and talented actress who truly loves what she does and loves what film is really about.

There's just something special about Ellen not only is she beautiful and has the face of an angel, but there's something about her that makes her so much more lovely and attractive. The more I hear her speak the more I fall in love with her lol.

Anyway keep up the good job!!

Jess from California / United States wrote on 09/30/2013
I would like to thank you for letting all of us that have seen your hard work. Keeping us informed on what is happening to Miss Page. I've liked Miss Page's work since I was young. I follow your site because there is no other one out there. The more I learn the less I feel like a weirdo. I see there are alot of people that admire Ellen like I do. But I know she is an actor from Halifax. I go there on vacation every few year to go see my friend. Thank you ....
Webmaster comment - 09/30/2013
Many thanks for your guestbook entry and your kind words!!! ~Dominik

PCM from the darkest night / Poland wrote on 09/29/2013
Amazing site! Great, great job, Dominik. Come to Poland one day and I'll shout you a beer or two.

Webmaster comment - 09/29/2013
Okay, I will let you know when I am there. Thanks for your kind guestbook entry! ~Dominik

João Pedro Tinoco Silva from Braga wrote on 08/30/2013
I wanted to say thank you so much Dominik for making this website where people can come and know about the projects that Ellen Page is working on.

And i wanted to say to Ellen that she is a very good actress full of talent, that she is beautiful and that she was born to be an actress because she is perfect.

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 07/07/2013
I praise Ellen for trying to be outspoken about women being both strong and smart in films and in life generally. Even though it's a matter of opinion from both men AND women that feel its being overzealous. Im sure Ellen has to understand that change is not an easy custom when it comes to tradition. But then again society NEEDS to remember that if it weren't for women like her to remind them of their faults the arguments would be more severe than they need to be.

Sangwon Park from Deagu / Korea (South) wrote on 06/06/2013
hi :)
first i be added a name to a fanlisting!!
thank u for Dominik!! :)

i am interested about ellen, her movie n EPO
if u have a time, visit us online at

thank u for reading this, bye ~ :)

ps - PR of cafe http://vimeo.com/34390096

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 05/26/2013
Dominik my appologies, I forgot this WAS the anniversary of Ellen Page Online, but I sent you an email to. On behalf of both my wife and I, Congratulations!!! Here's to many more years :)
Webmaster comment - 05/26/2013
Thanks for your kind words and your continuing support, Ryan!

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