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Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 06/23/2011
The work for this "underdog website" gets better all the time with Dominik's expertise. I am actually enthusiastic about "The Bop Decameron". Mostly because the story taking place in Rome, and that the GREAT Woody Allen is in charge. I'm sure Ms. Page will be in good hands with this legend.

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 06/18/2011
Hey Dominik, I didn't realize until I scrolled onto "About EPO" in the Site cateogory that you put my name down as a contributor/supporter of this website. Well, I wanted to thank you for that, and I hope this site will continue for a long time to come.

Kyle Eades from Chandler, AZ / United States wrote on 06/15/2011
Keep up the good work

Sarah from Limerick / Ireland wrote on 06/12/2011
Hi Dominik.

Just wanted to tell you that I've been a fan of your site for about a year now, and I'm still enjoying all the information on Ellen that you provide on here. This site is so handy in finding out the projects that Ellen is involved in (which are always amazing of course) and therefore allowing fans to help her and the film/organizations out. I think you deserve lots of credit for keeping this site 'professional' and not 'trashy'. She would be proud I'm sure!

Well done and keep up the good work!

ps: I was at the World Premiere of 'Inception' in London last summer and I will upload some photos on here at some stage, I promise!


Len Doran from Grants Pass, Oregon / United States wrote on 06/02/2011
Dominik: No, we were in the row behind the "special people" rows and with my digital camera and the reduced lighting, I knew nothing I took would come out well.

Ellen did walk right by me surrounded by friends as she entered the building but by the time I regained my wits, she was gone.

I did fall down the stairway in a pathetic attempt to attract her attention but all I heard was one woman cry out, "Oh, some old man just fell down the stairs."

Thanks again for all you work!

Len Doran

Len Doran from Grants Pass, Oregon wrote on 06/02/2011
Great web site. Wish I was in Germany to help you out. Went to the viewing in Hollywood of The Vanishing of The Bees. Sold out crowd and Ellen was her usual adorable self, well-spoken and well-educated on the issue pertaining to the film.

Keep up the good work. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say we all appreciate the time and effort you put into the site.

Best, Len Doran
Webmaster comment - 06/02/2011
Hi Len, thanks for your entry. Nice to hear from someone who attended the LA premiere event. Did you take some photos you could share with us? Best, Dominik

Ano from Deutschland wrote on 06/01/2011
Huhu Dominik,

ich denke, deine Seite bekommt wohl tatsächlich nicht so viele Besuche, weil hierzulande recht wenig Leute etwas mit dem Namen Ellen Page anfangen können.

Und noch lange nicht jeder Fan, treibt sich ewig, täglich oder gerne auf Fanseiten herum.
Ich persönlich besuche deine Seite ganz gerne, allein schon wegen den Bildern, auch wegen den Infos!

Aber im Endeffekt hat ja auch jeder sein eigenständiges Leben, dass sich nicht allein um eine Schauspielerin dreht.

Ich denke, ich würde und könnte nie so eine Seite ins Leben rufen.

Finde dennoch super, dass es deine Seite gibt und würde es auch schade finden, wenn du sie jemals schließt.
Damals, als sie mal für kurze Zeit offline war -oder wie auch immer man das nennen mag- fand ich das schon traurig.

Liebe Grüße,

Mark Stevens from Tampa, FL wrote on 06/01/2011
Great work, great site, for a great lady. Love what you do.


Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 05/31/2011
Many of us should never forget how talented of an actress Ellen Page is. No matter what role she plays, there is no denying how much craftmanship she brings to her performance. We are all very blessed to be fans of this fantastic young woman, and we all look forward to seeing her in more films to come. We should also never forget to thank Dominik for this website. If it were not for him, we would not have the most UPDATED information on our Tiny Canadian. So Dominik, no matter how much you deal with wether good or bad, we all are VERY indebted to you for what you bring to the table. I hope this site will continue for a long time. Still it is understandable if you should decide to close it. Never the less sir, we all thank you for bringing us together this way.

Oliver from Prairie du Chien, WI / United States wrote on 05/08/2011
Hi Ellen. My name is Oliver. I am 4 years old. My dad let me watch parts of your movie Juno. I thought you were very good. It looked like you really had a baby. I hope you make a children's movie sometime so I can watch the whole thing. I hope it has babies in it. If you ever come to Prairie du Chien, I would like to meet you.

Cecilia from Ontario / Canada wrote on 05/04/2011
Dear Ellen and Dominik,
just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you both how much I appreciate the work that you do.

For Ellen,
I think you're very courageous to take a stand and tell people what you think, and to do so with the fervor that you've displayed. Being a celebrity gives you a lot of exposure and attention, but instead of using it to further your own career, you use it to raise awareness about the environment. So many young people (and many older than you) could learn from your steadfastness. Thanks for being a strong and articulate role model.

For Dominik,
this website is AMAZING. If I ever come across a news clipping or magazine article that isn't already included here, I'll surely share it.

Sadly, has yet to play in my city. I don't know if it will during the summer months. I do hope so.

Take care, both. Keep up the great work!
Webmaster comment - 05/04/2011
Thanks for your nice guestbook entry, Cecilia! I am really touched. Best, Dominik

Martha Philpotts from halifax nova scotia / Canada wrote on 05/03/2011
This is Martha P. I am visiting my sister in Flower Mound Texas at the moment.

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 05/02/2011
I always wondered what made you want to create this website, Dominik. Now I know. And the best part is your story resembles mine as well. I really didn't know anything about Ellen at the time I saw X3. Ironically, I accidentally walked into a late showing of the film, and seeing her cry in bed was the first scene I came across. Ever since then I've been amazed at how brilliant and strong of an actress she is. Like you it was something that made me instantly like her as well. After 5 years, I consider myself a huge fan. Maybe it was an accident or maybe fate, but life works in mysterious ways.

Patrick from Virginia / United States wrote on 05/02/2011
Hi Dominik, Sorry to hear about the Sevenload problem. I am sure people will understand it will take some time to get all 850 clips back up and running. Thanks for all you do. If i hear of any Ellen news I will try to forward it, however you usually know these things before I do.


Martha Philpotts from halifax nova scotia / Canada wrote on 05/01/2011
I very much enjoy this website, it is so professionally and tastefully done. The amount of work involved is overwhelming. I check in regularly to learn new information and see the latest photos and happenings. Thank you very much for your effort.
Webmaster comment - 05/01/2011
Dear Visitor, thanks for your entry. But why do you fake your name and location. Your IP says who are from Flower Mound, TX 75028 (Verizon Internet Services). Best, Dominik

Leigh Ann from USA wrote on 04/30/2011
hey dom, you seem pretty down from your twitter updates today. why so negative? :( you've done a great job the past 5 years and should be proud of yourself!! keep up the great work.
Webmaster comment - 05/01/2011
Hi Leigh Ann, thanks for your entry and your kind words! Why so negative?! Well, that is just the way I feel at the moment. I believe it is not okay to say everything is fine when certain things are not the way I would like them to be. Best, Dominik

Ryan from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 04/13/2011
Hey Dominik, I just wanted to say thank you for the information you provided on US release dates for the film. I was worried at first I couldn't find one, or that I'd have to miss work if I did, but it all worked out. On top of finding the location, James Gunn, who's actually from St. Louis will be making an appearance here. So thank you again for your help.

Spore from Essex, England / United Kingdom wrote on 03/27/2011
As I previously commented, we are truly grateful for EPO, Dominik.

I can't even begin to process it in my mind the sheer hard work you put into each and every update you make. Your generosity is literally incredible! I love you for it, man.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you keep up the wonderful work and may God bless you along the way!

Ellen Page forever!

Ana Paula Silveira Ferreira from Minas Gerais / Brazil wrote on 03/27/2011
I always say that Ellen Page is the best! I am inspired this girl to make my characters as I said. My visit to this site is routine!

Congratulations and God bless!

Leigh Ann from Michigan / United States wrote on 03/03/2011
Keep up the amazing work, Dominik!!

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