Freeheld (USA 2014)


Peter Sollett


Ron Nyswaner


Executive Producer:

Doug Hansen, Adam Del Deo


Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg, Kelly Bush


Novak, Jim Stern, Jack Selby, Cynthia Wade




Julianne Moore

Laurel Hester

Ellen Page

Stacie Andree

Steve Carell

Steven Goldstein

Michael Shannon

Dane Wells

Luke Grimes

Todd Belkin

Mary Birdsong

Carol Andree

Dennis Boutsikaris

Pat Gerry

Skipp Sudduth


Jeannine Kaspar


Kelly Deadmon

Lynda Hester

Gabriel Luna


Stink Fisher



(Complete Cast & Crew)



Drama / Documentary







Filming dates:

29th September - 7th November 2014

Filming locations:

New York City, USA



World premiere:


Company / Studio:

Incognito Pictures, Endgame Entertainment, Double Feature Films, Bankside Films, Lionsgate

Official website:

IMDb website:

DVD premiere:



In 2006, New Jersey police officer Lt. Laurel Hester, after being diagnosed with lung cancer, successfully fought to extend pension benefits to her partner, Stacie Andree, in an effort to be equal with heterosexual benefit policies.


  • Ellen has been developing the project since she was 21.
  • Lionsgate landed the distribution rights for a high seven-figure fee during the Berlin Film Festival 2015


  • “The stories surrounding her [Laurel Hester] work are gripping and intense, and worthy of more coverage than I was able to fit into a short documentary. Those scenes should be very exciting! [...] It is important that the audience get to know Laurel and Stacie as an ordinary couple — loving each other, paying bills and setting up a home and everything else that comes with a long-term commitment — before we discover that Laurel is ill," Wade said. "I never knew Laurel and Stacie prior to Laurel’s illness — by the time I’d met them, their roles had settled into patient and caregiver. It’s really important, especially for the heterosexual audience, to see Laurel and Stacie’s relationship as any other." — Filmmaker Cynthia Wade on making a feature film in comparison to documentary short (Source:
  • "She saw the documentary and was moved by the story, She understands the potential power of a feature version of the film. She is a very smart and very talented. I am thrilled that she is involved in this project — she has countless offers to appear in many movies, and the fact that she is so strongly attached to this film is a testament to how special Laurel Hester was, and how important Laurel and Stacie’s story is to this country’s slow move towards true equality." — Filmmaker Cynthia Wade on Ellen Page's attachment to the movie (Source:
  • “It’s very direct in showing how discrimination against the LGBT community affects people. There’s no getting around the unfairness that happened here, and just how illogical and almost psychopathic it felt. And it’s so exciting to get to do a love story with the sex that you actually fall for. I’m thrilled about it.” — Actress Ellen Page on the bottom line of the movie (Source:
  • “I remember just seeing the trailer for the documentary and I was instantly brought to tears. Tremendous love stories between women have been made, of course. Some of them are my favorite movies. But to have a love story that brings up the civil rights issue, in relation to women—that we haven’t seen enough in the forefront.” — Actress Ellen Page on the documentary of the same name (Source:

Release Dates:



Festival / Event / Location / Comment



2nd October 2015

Limited release



16th October 2015

Worldwide release


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