I’m using the Internet Explorer and the main menu is flickering all the time. How can I stop this?


The option "Check for newer versions of stored pages" for the temporary internet files defaulty set to "Every visit to the page" will cause a brief flicker as the images reload. Selecting anything other than "Every visit to the page" will fix all flickering.


Can you tell me why I don’t see the photos and pictures on the website?


All images on the website are protected against hotlinking. A hotlink is a link on a site which directly loads images from another websites. If you want to view the images, your web browser has to send the so-called referer with the http-request. Some security and anonymizer programs such as "Norton Internet Security" deactivate this function. If you don’t see the images, disable the relevant setting in your browser, whitelist this website or close the program temporarily.


How can I download files or video clips?


All files and video clips on EPO are hosted on a dedicated server. You can either directly download these files by left-clicking on the link or watch every video clip on YouTube. Please note that download managers / multiple connections are not allowed.


What software do I need to watch the video clips from Ellen Page Online?


Most of the video clips are in AVI or FLV format. For Flash streaming format (.flv), you can find a player here. AVI clips can be played with almost every video player (Windows Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic) as long as you have the right codec installed. Most of the video clips available here are encoded with the XviD codec, which you can download for free here.


How did you end up with the url address, ellen-page.net?


Well, the best .de and .com domains, like ellenpage.de or ellenpage.com, were already registered. So I thought ellen-page.net was the next best choice at the time. Now, the site's title has changed to “Ellen Page Online” and the website can be found at ellenpage.net, ellenpage.org, ellen-page.org, ellenpage.info. ellen-page.info and ellenpageonline.com as well.


(Last Update: 9/24/2014)


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