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Does Ellen appreciate your work on the website?


Yes, she is grateful for everything I do and made the following statement in an interview with the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle on December 13, 2007 to underline this:

Q: "Hard Candy" is about a sexual predator who uses the Internet, now there are real Web sites devoted to you.
Have you looked at any of these sites?

A: There's one made by this lovely guy, who I've even been in touch with, he's German. ... And it's really nice that someone devotes that time. And it's great because he'll communicate with me now and then to double-check things. ... That whole aspect of it is so surreal, because I'm just me, getting to do what I love to do.

She also posted the following on her Facebook page on December 7, 2010:

Facebook Message 12/07/2010


Did Ellen visit the website and make these guestbook entries?


Ellen wrote on October 2, 2006 at 9:29 PM and 9:36 PM:

Hello there,

just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful site. I am extremely grateful for your support. I also wanted to let you know that I recieved your letter. I have sent a reply in the mail, hopefully it will get to you soon. Again, thank you for the kind words and for making this website.

Lots of love


One more thing...

You asked me in the letter if I had a MySpace page and I wanted to let everyone know that I DO NOT. Those pages are not me.

Yeah, just wanted to let you know.

Thanks Again :o)


Many want to know if these entries are real. Yes, they are. On the one hand, the guestbook logs every ip-address, so I can check that the entries were made with an internet access of a provider in Halifax/Canada. On the other side only the real Ellen could know something about the MySpace thing, I asked her in my letter. She was personally on the site and made the guestbook entries for sure.


Does Ellen have a Facebook page, a MySpace / Twitter profile or is on any other social network?


You can visit her official Facebook profile at www.facebook.com/EllenPage. Ellen confirmed the authenticity of this account during an interview with Collider.com at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2009. She also joined Twitter (@EllenPage) on her 24th birthday as well as Instagram (Ellen Page) in February 2015. Any other accounts on other social networks are fake and have no association with Ellen herself.


Where can I buy Ellen's movies, series and TV shows?


You can purchase many movies and series such as Hard Candy, X-Men: The Last Stand, Mouth to Mouth, ReGenesis, Trailer Park Boys and Pit Pony on DVD and/or Blu-ray in shops and stores like Amazon.com, Amazon.ca or CD Universe. Also, you can check out eBay from time to time to purchase some of Ellen's rare projects or the Fan Corner for more information.


(Last Update: 09/18/2015)


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