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Please read the following legal disclaimer and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before sending in your question or inquiry regarding Ellen Page Online and its content. Thank you.

Ellen Page Online (located at | |, its graphics (i.e. site layout, site artwork and digital “fan art”) and written content are copyright of Dominik Keppner, unless stated otherwise. Copying or redistributing any part of the aforementioned material is forbidden without written consent from the author (see contact page).

Ellen Page Online does not claim any intellectual property rights to any original media (i.e. photos, videos, audio, press articles and interviews) featured anywhere on the website, including its graphics (i.e. site layout, site artwork and digital “fan art”). All of the aforementioned “original media” on Ellen Page Online are featured for information and entertainment purposes only, and is copyright by their respective owners. No copyright infringement is ever intended. If you spot your copyrighted material on Ellen Page Online and would like to have it removed, please contact the support at support [at] and we will do so promptly and without question. Thank you.

Whenever material not copyrighted to Ellen Page Online is featured on the website, full credit is given whenever applicable. For a full list of credited online resources, please refer to our list of Online Resources. Please note that visitor-made and -contributed content (i.e. user-/visitor-submitted “fan art”) featured on the site is not copyright of Ellen Page Online in any way, nor do we claim any such rights. Whenever such “fan” material is featured on the website, the creator/contributor/artist/author of said material is always credited, thus making said material easily recognizable.

Ellen Page Online is an unofficial, fan-operated website dedicated to Canadian actress Ellen Page — a “fan site,” made by the fans for the fans — created for information and entertainment purposes only. Ellen Page Online is a non-profit website — we do not profit from the site or its contents in any way. Ellen Page Online is not commercially affiliated with any source of advertising or products, commercial or not. We are in contact with Ellen Page and her management in conjunction with the maintenance of this website. We are able to forward serious and professional inquiries to their intended recipient(s) on demand (see contact page).

Ellen Page Online respects the privacy of Ellen Page and her family and friends. Therefore we do not post private life candids or unconfirmed private life gossip on the site, regardless of the occasion, as we see it as intruding on their privacy and contradictory to the purpose of a fan site. Please refer to the Gossip & Candid Policy below for details.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Ellen Page Online and its content, please contact the support at support [at] All email will be read (and responded to/acted upon) at the earliest available time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Gossip & Candid Policy

Although it may be a fair argument to say that those who choose the limelight of celebrity also choose to have every aspect of their lives scrutinized in the media, we here at Ellen Page Online have assumed an alternative stance. We believe that being a public figure should not have to include a surrender of your privacy to the tabloid industry, and this website wants to encourage this approach to celebrity with a Gossip & Candid Policy.

Although Ellen Page has never publicly expressed any negativism towards the paparazzi or the pap industry, in order to most effectively respect Ellen’s privacy, we at Ellen Page Online have decided never to post any unauthorized private candids of her or her family on the website. This includes photography of Ellen dining, driving, going out, leaving her home and so on. We consider such material “stalkerazzi” and is something we do not wish to encourage. We do on occasion post so called “on set-footage” from the set of a photoshoot or a film or TV production, provided it is relevant, newsworthy footage, and Ellen Page does not appear noticeably uncomfortable being photographed.

We furthermore stay away from any and all unconfirmed gossip related to Ellen Page and/or her family/friends. Whenever news on developments in her personal life is posted on the website it is only for informational purposes, not to spread a rumor, which is why we do not report on such developments until they are officially confirmed, via e.g. Ellen Page’s representatives. This not only adds to her privacy, but also reduces misinformation and misunderstandings.

Ellen Page Online is aimed at like-minded fans of Ellen Page and her work, who are interested in following her career and supporting her. We also believe that said support includes not stalking her every move. We take pride in being stalkerazzi-free, and encourage all fans of Ellen to leave her private life to those who belong to it. Thank you.


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