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Ellen Page and Emma Portner attend L.A. Dance Project's Annual Gala

On Saturday, October 7, the L.A. Dance Project hosted its annual gala unveiling the company's brand new performance space in Downtown Los Angeles to the public. The event brought out choreographer and cofounder Benjamin Millepied and his closest collaborators and friends, including wife Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Grey, Maria Valverde, Amber Valletta, Isla Fisher, Sacha BaRon Cohen, Erica Pelosini Leeman, Spike Jonze as well as Ellen Page and Emma Portner. Once inside, guests took in a presentation with performances by the artistic collective itself, Portner, and the students from The Colburn School, followed by dinner and more dancing to the sound of hip-hop classics played by DJ Kris Bones at a Rag & Bone-sponsored after party. Ellen reportedly made an early exit and left hand in hand with her girlfriend lauding, "Amazing, I loved it."

L.A. Dance Project Annual GalaL.A. Dance Project Annual Gala
L.A. Dance Project Annual GalaL.A. Dance Project Annual Gala



The L.A. Dance Project is a platform for the development, creation, support and presentation of world-class dance in Los Angeles. Comprised of an internationally acclaimed dance company, a brand new performance space in Los Angeles’ burgeoning Arts District and a program of media initiatives, LAPD promotes dance not only as an artistic practice but as a way of being in the world. LADP seeks to foster dance-centered artistic collaborations across all disciplines, cultures and communities in Los Angeles and around the globe.

Since its founding, the company of the L.A. Dance Project has toured and given master classes at international venues and festivals including the Holland Festival, the Edinburgh International Festival, La Maison de la Danse, the Saitama Arts Center, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Shanghai and Bejing Opera House, Theatre des Champs Elysees and Theatre du Chatelet. In the US, the company has performed at venues including Jacob’s Pillow, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City Center and the Joyce Theater.

In its home city of Los Angeles the company has performed at The Music Center's Walt Disney Music Hall, MOCA, Union Station, The Theatre at Ace Hotel, and The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Date: 10/08/2017 - 22:02:09 Posted by Dominik
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The »Flatliners« reboot celebrates its world premiere in Los Angeles and suffers a plethora of bad reviews

Following a press junket in LA and an appearance on Conan where she promoted the movie, talked about writing a joke book with actress Amy Seimetz as well as hanging out with her co-stars, and showed her new tattoos, Ellen Page celebrated the world premiere of »Flatliners« together with the cast including Nina Dobrev, Diego Luna, Kiersey Clemons, James Norton and Madison Brydges, director Niels Arden Oplev, producer Michael Douglas, composer Nathan Barr and a couple of special guests at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on September 27, 2017.

But the pleasure surrounding this event and the ensuing after-party did not last for long as the reboot of the eponymous 1990 film was savaged by critics for all sorts of reasons in the first reviews that came out alongside the theatrical release just two days later. As a result, the thriller intermediately scored a 0% rating on review-aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes which made it the worst reviewed film of 2017 and got it an undesirable "rotten" classification. Thanks to three critics (Jim Lane from Sacramento News & Review, Vicky Roach from Australia's Daily Telegraph and María Fernanda Mugica from La Nación in Argentina) the movie has, fittingly, returned from the dead and stands at 5 percent at the moment. The site's audience score, although much more optimistic, is still "rotten" at 38 percent on the other hand. As is always the case with such numbers, it's worth remembering that these ratings are not the end of the world. They are not the be-all, end-all in regards to a film's quality, but rather a snapshot of what certain critics and a part of the audience think. At the same time, it cannot be denied, however, that the negative trend also continued in regard to the financial success. With a budget of estimated $19 million, the thriller made only around $6.5 million during its opening weekend and a bit more than $24 million worldwide so far (as of October 15, 2017). The fact that Sony Pictures / Columbia Pictures neither did much pre-release marketing, nor screened the film for critics in advance or debut it in theaters on a Thursday night as usual also fits perfectly into the overall picture.

Flatliners - World PremiereFlatliners - World Premiere
Flatliners - World PremiereFlatliners - World Premiere

World Premiere After PartyFlatliners - World Premiere

Here is the obligatory summary of what the press wrote about the movie including all the best and worst puns that they could load into their respective reviews. First up is Glenn Kenny from The New York Times who is rather gracious by saying the new »Flatliners« is "new definition of 'meh'." IGN's William Bibbiani shows some evidence of openness and reconciliation by stating the reboot "had every opportunity to improve on the original, and it doesn't take most of them. It falls flat as a horror movie but the cast is good enough, and the sci-fi concepts are interesting enough, to keep it from crashing completely." A similar bottom line regarding the involved actors also comes from Bill Zwecker of Chicago Sun-Times claiming "while the talented cast — especially principals Ellen Page, Kiersey Clemons, Diego Luna, James Norton and Nina Dobrev — do as well as can be expected with the (excuse the weak pun) pretty flat script, this remake likely will be all but forgotten shortly after it hits multiplexes this weekend." Peter Travers from Rolling Stone jokes "the scariest thing in this fright-free fiasco is thinking medical schools are producing doctors this clueless" and eventually arrives at the conclusion that it is "even more witless and stupefyingly dull than the original." Consistent with the movie's subject, The A.V. Club's Mike D'Angelo notes "Flatliners shouldn’t have bothered coming back from the dead."

While John DeFore from The Hollywood Reporter simply figures the reboot is "as daffy as the original and a lot less fresh," CinemaBlend's Conner Schwerdtfeger concludes his review with the words "Though competently directed and well-acted, Flatliners does little to set itself apart from a run-of-the-mill thriller. True to the material, it simply lacks a pulse. On a superficial level, the film will most likely deliver the requisite scares (albeit cheap jump scares) to enter the Halloween season, but it probably will fail to leave a lasting impression." The resume by Andrew Barker posted on Variety isn't totally negative while raising a valid question: "As dull as it gets, Flatliners never sinks all the way into outright fiasco, and there's enough talent both behind and in front of the camera to keep things on the right side of basic competence. The actors do what they can with the material, and Oplev happens upon a few decent visual ideas. What's missing, however, is any indication why anyone involved wanted to revisit this material." "Flatliners is an agonizingly boring remake of a movie about the dangers of bringing things back from the dead. Even with Ellen Page and Diego Luna as sexy idiot doctors, this new version of a 1990 Joel Schumacher thriller is still a generic slog" is the word from David Ehrlich reviewing the movie for IndieWire. Adam Nayman from The Ringer even asserts "Page probably wishes that she was not in this movie either" and continues being sarcastic because "it's always nice when movies about which there's nothing worthwhile to say find the time to review themselves" after referring to a scene where "Courtney and James are comparing notes on what it's like to flatline, and she asks him if he saw anything disturbing, to which he replies, no." Screen Rant's Chris Agar takes the view that "Flatliners is an unmemorable redux hampered by poor writing and a general lack of thrills that fails to capture the attention of its audience" and suggests "even those intrigued by marketing would be better off waiting for home video, or simply rewatching the 1990 version."

Unusually plain words come from Christian Holub reviewing for Entertainment Weekly: "Flatliners is dull and indecisive. [...] It often feels like Flatliners is trapped between multiple genres without knowing exactly what kind of movie it wants to be, and the result is a confused mess." The Verge's Tasha Robinson points out that "the Flatliners team could have saved their remake — and chose not to. Instead, they made a film about the dangers of playing God, or at least playing God with sloppy scientific protocols." Ryan Porter of Toronto Star quips "the remake of this original Kiefer Sutherland/Julia Roberts blockbuster might be boring if it wasn't so unintentionally funny." And Mark Harrison from the website Den of Geek comments "Ellen Page is far better than this sort of thing, and although she comes out of it the best, Ben Ripley's script really doesn't give the cast much to do." and finally puts the movie's main dilemma in a nutshell by expressing "Flatliners is a mediocre remake that utterly fails to update the original in any meaningful way. There is no reason for it to exist. But its failure is compounded by the fact that there was every chance of it being superior, with the right take. Instead, it's not scary, it's not thought-provoking and it's simply not worth your time."

What do you think of all those harsh words? And most importantly, if you have already seen the movie yourself, are the largely negative reviews justified? Feel free to leave your point of views in the comment section below!

(Last Update: October 17, 2017)

Date: 09/30/2017 - 16:23:48 Posted by Dominik
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»My Days of Mercy« gets its world premiere and good reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival 2017

TIFF 2017 LogoAfter traveling to New York City to promote »Flatliners« by having a radio interview on SiriusXM Insight on Wednesday and making an appearance on AOL Build on the following day, Ellen Page returned to the Toronto International Film Festival where »My Days of Mercy« screened as a gala presentation on Friday evening. Together with her costars Kate Mara and Amy Seimetz, director Tali Shalom-Ezer as well as some of the film's crew, she walked the red carpet in front of the Roy Thomson Hall, took time to pose with fans for photos, had some small talk with journalists from eTalk, ET Canada, CP24 and The Canadian Press, and eventually enjoyed the warm welcome inside of the cinema auditorium. The live streams by TIFF itself and ET Canada are embedded below in case you missed them. We can especially recommend the latter one in which we received a couple of mentions by host Graeme O'Neil (at 7:17, 10:28 and 11:08)!

TIFF2017 - The Cured World PremiereTIFF2017 - My Days of Mercy World Premiere
TIFF2017 - My Days of Mercy World PremiereTIFF2017 - My Days of Mercy World Premiere

Prior to this first public premiere, Tali Shalom-Ezer and her three leading actresses already did some press work at the beginning of the week following the very first screening for press and industry representatives on September 8, 2017. They sat down with Deadline, MTV News, ET Canada and the Los Angeles Times to play a word-association game and to chat about the well-written script by Joe Barton, their respective roles, the relationships between the characters, emotional scenes, Page and Mara's influence as producers of the movie and "Tiny Detectives - The Motion Picture." On Monday evening, the cast and crew then came together one more time for a pre-screening party held at Soho House's third floor bar.

TIFF2017 - My Days of Mercy Premiere PartyTIFF2017 - My Days of Mercy Premiere Party
TIFF2017 - My Days of Mercy Premiere PartyTIFF2017 - My Days of Mercy Premiere Party

Because of the aforementioned early press screening, the first reviews for »My Days of Mercy« already came in on the festival's second night - and they all turned out to be very positive so far. Variety's Dennis Harvey put the very first article online stating that "Page [...] gives one of her best performances in a tailor-made role. Mara is fine as a character whose elusiveness ultimately transcends plot device. Seimetz excels as a woman who's held it together under duress for so long she may no longer know how to live in a state of non-crisis. Supporting roles are very well cast." Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter describes the movie as "an unlikely but affecting female love story" while predicting that it "won't go far commercially but will be embraced in circles particularly attuned to same-sex romance and death penalty subject matter." Writing for IndieWire, Jude Dry thinks "the greatest triumph of »My Days of Mercy« is that it handles such heavy subject matter with grace and — mercifully — as light a touch as good taste will allow" and also adds that "the movie doesn't buckle under the weight of its ambitions, and in straining to find the light it ends up engaging and compelling — even if it is overly complex" resulting in a solid B- grade. Jordan Hoffman says in the review for Vanity Fair that Ellen Page "is outstanding in an extremely difficult role" and Israeli director Tali Shalom-Ezer's American debut "is ultimately a very powerful, emotional, and universal story, despite the peculiarity of mixing an issue-oriented political film with an LGBT coming-of-age story." Susan G. Cole from the local "NOW" newspaper mentions "Joe Barton's script [...] is pointed and very smart [...] and the performances are excellent" while The Cinemaholic's Nicholas Maylor believes you should "definitely keep an eye out for this one" as the "resulting drama is emotional and riveting in a very affecting way; with Page, Mara, Koteas, Seimetz and Shotwell all delivering great performances."

Jordan Hoffman (@jhoffman)
"MY DAYS OF MERCY: A near-unbearable far-fetched plot can't hold back *really* great performances by Ellen Page, Amy Seimetz & K Mara."

Daniel Scott Tysdal (@dstiz)
"Highlight of MY DAYS OF MERCY is @EllenPage performance & romance with @katemara builds powerfully in capital punishment debate. #TIFF2017"

Jason LeRoy (@ExcessFaggage)
"MY DAYS OF MERCY: Underwhelming lesbian romantic drama set against backdrop of death penalty activism. Fine acting, stilted dialogue. C-"

Melissa Silverstein (@melsil)
"My Days of Mercy starred Ellen Page and Kate Mara and the issue of conversation about who the death penalty is for was interesting."

Brendan @ TIFF (@Bren1985)
"My Days Of Mercy is okay. Starts off clunky, but slowly becomes very affecting. Great actors doing good work with that they have. #TIFF2017"

C Mac (@ellyhigenbottem)
"Not enough words of praise exist for #MyDaysOfMercy @EllenPage & @katemara broke my heart then put it back together again"

Mark Towhey (@towhey)
"My Day of Mercy premiere at #TIFF2017. Brilliant performances by @EllenPage @katemara. Outstanding scene-stealing by young Charlie Shotwell!"

Nima (@nim_a)
"MY DAYS OF MERCY is an incredibly well-written love story, and reminds us why Ellen Page is a Canadian treasure. #TIFF17"

Despite these rave reviews and receiving good response from festival visitors, »My Days of Mercy« is still looking to be picked up as no distribution deals have been announced at this stage. Considering the great buzz it has created in Toronto in the past days, it hopefully won't be long before a wider audience gets to see this promising film. Up next is the world premiere of »Flatliners« in Los Angeles. So stay tuned for another update soon!

Date: 09/17/2017 - 21:50:36 Posted by Dominik
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Ellen Page, actor Sam Keeley and director David Freyne team up for the world premiere of »The Cured« at TIFF2017

TIFF 2017 LogoAccompanied by her girlfriend Emma Portner, Ellen Page headed for Toronto International Film Festival last weekend and teamed up with co-star Sam Keeley and director David Freyne for some promotion work for their movie »The Cured« prior to its world premiere on Saturday night. The trio made visits to the studios of Variety, IMDb, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, People, Entertainment Weekly and Instyle for interviews about the zombie thriller as well as portrait sessions before walking the red carpet at the Ryerson Theatre for the main event in the evening.

TIFF2017 - The Cured World PremiereTIFF2017 - The Cured World Premiere
TIFF2017 - The Cured World PremiereTIFF2017 - The Cured World Premiere

Thanks to the YouTuber dafilexAtMovies and PASSi'ON PROJECTS, we have recordings of both the introduction and the following Q&A which are embedded after the jump. A noteworthy incident happened after an hour during a crucial scene in between, when an alarm started sounding and the lights were turned on. The movie initially continued playing but staff soon appeared and told audience members to evacuate the cinema auditorium immediately causing some confusion as well as traffic jams outside. Fortunately, the building reopened around 30 minutes later and the premiere screening resumed from where it left off.

Reviews for Freyne's debut feature have been quite good so far considering its rather controversial genre. Fionnuala Halligan from ScreenDaily thinks the low-budget film is "at its sharpest when drawing acute political parallels. As a zombie film, the shocks are few – if effective – until The Cured lifts itself out of its porridgey aesthetic during the final act and its depressed cast of characters remembers to get their flesh-eating game on." The Hollywood Reporter's Jordan Mintzer describes it as "an intriguing horror-thriller" and says the "performances are strong, with Page fully committed to playing the major non-zombie character and Sam Keeley rather convincing as a young man too shocked by his blood-thirsty past to move ahead. Everyone is extremely serious, which can be a bit of a drag at times, but as a study in trauma The Cured has its moments and the film plays best when it remains intimate." And genre expert Joe Lipsett over at Bloody Disgusting agrees with this while stating "performances are uniformly good, particularly Vaughan-Lawlor, whose Conor walks a thin line between justifiable outrage and deranged narcissism. Leads Kelley and Page aren’t given too much heavy lifting to do, though wary audiences can rest assured that Page, who also executive produces, does not attempt an Irish accent." Furthermore, he adds that "The Cured may not be the killer new zombie film that horror enthusiasts are thirsting for, but it clearly still has its brains" and gives it a solid score of 4 out of 5. The audience, in turn, can probably be divided into two camps; those who don't like this kind of genre at all and therefore won't enjoy »The Cured« no matter how good it actually is and the others that are more open-minded and going to watch it without any prejudice. Here are some reactions from people probably belonging to the latter group:

The Cured - StillsThe Cured - Stills
Olia (@olia.m.g)
"Great film #thecured #tiff #tiff17 #ellenpage #samkeeley #movie #film #cinema"

D.S.V.E (@d.s.v.e)
"Had the pleasure of checking out the movie The Cured last night. And to my surprise I also got to do a Q&A with cast. It was a fantastic movie and if you get the chance you should go and see it. #thecured #ellenpage #davidfreyne #tiff #toronto #filmfestival #zombie #zombiemovie"

"David Freyne did a fantastic job with this movie. I can’t wait to see what he does next. It is one of my favorites of the year. A solid 9/10"

Lesley McKimm (@lmckimmdublin)
"Congrats to team @tiltedfilms for great screening of The Cured at #TIFF17 on stage with Ellen Page & Sam Keeley"

Tara (@tara_taralynn)
"#TheCured was one of the most brilliant and beautiful zombie films I've ever seen, all from a girl who doesn't like zombie films. @ellenpage and @_samkeeley were absolutely amazing and #DavidFreyne did a wonderful job directing. #thecuredfilm #TIFF17 #TIFF #samkeeley #ellenpage"

Matt Campagna (@mattcampagna)
"Enjoyed the hell out of #DavidFreyne's #TheCured at #tiff17, a modern, political zombie thriller starring @_SamKeeley & @EllenPage, who also is a producer on it. You should definitely see it once a wise North American distributor buys the rights."

James Wilkinson (@jay.wilk)
"Ellen Page! #TheCured was a pretty good zombie movie."

The Cured - StillsThe Cured - Stills

Doesn't sound too bad, don't you think?! We believe it's safe to say the movie is worth a look. This can also be underlined by the fact that »The Cured« has secured several distribution deals across Asia and the Middle East before it was even screened for the first time. According to Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, Bac Films, which handles international sales, confirmed deals with Fox for pan-Asia pay TV, Spentzos in Greece, Filmdom in Turkey, Falcon for the Middle East, Bravos in Hong Kong, Tanweer in Malaysia and Indonesia, Shaw in Singapore, Caichang in Taiwan, Sahamongkol in Thailand, Skyline in Vietnam and Silverline in the Philippines. With this in mind, it should only be a matter of time until the movie gets picked up by multi-territory distributors or streaming services for a wider release across the globe.

Update (09/13/2017): IFC Films has scooped up North American distribution rights to »The Cured«. The deal was in the seven-figure range, and the movie will receive a robust theatrical release in the spring of 2018, as Variety reports.

Date: 09/12/2017 - 12:12:12 Posted by Dominik
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»My Days of Mercy« and »The Cured« to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2017

TIFF 2017 LogoWe have some exciting news to share with you! Both Tali Shalom-Ezer's »My Days of Mercy« (working title: »Mercy«) and David Freyne's »The Cured« (formerly known as »The Third Wave«) are going to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2017 next month (September 7-17). You can already check out some basic information as well as brand new movie stills below. Stay tuned for August 22 when the world premiere dates and additional screening times will be officially announced!

My Days Of Mercy - Stills
My Days of Mercy

Directed by Tali Shalom-Ezer
USA | 103 minutes | 2016 | STC | colour | English | World Premiere
World premiere: September 8
Additional screenings: September 11, September 15, September 16, September 17

The daughter (Ellen Page) of a man on death row falls in love with a woman (Kate Mara) on the opposing side of her family's political cause.

Oscar nominee and powerhouse Canadian Ellen Page stars in a love story for our times. Made with passion, commitment, and an expert eye for the shadings in relationships, My Days of Mercy is a revelation.

Sisters Lucy (Page, also seen at this year's Festival in The Cured) and Martha Morrow (Amy Seimetz, also appearing at this year's Festival in Lean On Pete) are regular attendees at state executions across the Midwest, where they demonstrate in favour of abolishing the death penalty. At one such event, Lucy spots Mercy (Kate Mara, also at the Festival in Chappaquiddick), daughter of a police officer whose partner was killed by a man about to receive a lethal injection. Mercy is there to celebrate justice served.

Lucy and Mercy could be bitter enemies, yet they share an undeniable connection. Their relationship grows from hostility to curiosity to intense, physical passion. But eventually Lucy must confess her reasons for getting involved in the cause: her own father (Elias Koteas) was convicted of murder and now waits on death row. Can Lucy and Mercy overcome their intense differences, or will these differences consume them?

My Days of Mercy brings remarkable empathy and respect to all sides of a debate as divisive as the death penalty. By staying attentive to the details of her characters and what they want, director Tali Shalom-Ezer bridges intractable differences. She shows us that if anything can bring us together, it's love.

Source: www.tiff.net

The Cured - Stills
The Cured

Directed by David Freyne
Ireland, United Kingdom, France | 95 minutes | 2017 | STC | colour | English | World Premiere
World premiere: September 9
Additional screenings: September 10, September 13, September 16

Ellen Page stars in this gloriously terrifying yet thought-provoking horror thriller about the fraught process of reintegrating formerly infected flesh-eaters into society in the aftermath of a zombie plague.

If the past 50 years of zombie movies have taught us anything, it's that there are fates worse than death. But how are we to feel when the dead come back to us as — seemingly — the same old neighbours, colleagues, and loved ones we once knew? Starring Academy Award nominee Ellen Page (also at this year's Festival in My Days of Mercy) and Sam Keeley, David Freyne's accomplished first feature presents an unfathomable dilemma: what happens after a zombie plague has been contained and cured, and those once infected attempt to reintegrate into society?

Senan (Keeley) has been through hell. When the plague swept across Ireland he was among the thousands afflicted and rendered into rabid ghouls. Senan did horrible things he cannot forget — and neither can the public, nor the authorities charged with policing those released from captivity. Senan's sister-in-law Abbie (Page), however, is willing to give him a second chance. She lets him live with her and her young son, believing that Senan's actions while infected were beyond his control. But as an angry anti-cured movement burgeons in tandem with an increasingly radicalized pro-cured movement, Abbie is forced to question just how far her trust should be pushed.

Like any great zombie flick, The Cured works on several levels: it's a gloriously terrifying horror-thriller packed with enough jump scares to satisfy genre fans, yet it also displays an intellect and heart that provoke empathy even as it takes aim at the ways in which humans beings fail each other.

Source: www.tiff.net
(Last Update: September 8, 2017)

Date: 08/16/2017 - 21:47:19 Posted by Dominik
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