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Headline Date
Here's What Has Been Cut for the Beyond: Two Souls PEGI Release 10/04/2013
'Beyond: Two Souls': Willem Dafoe, David Cage talk gaming and movies 10/04/2013
The Video Game That Began With...Pictures Of Ellen Page 10/04/2013
Beyond: Two Souls Has Leaked To Torrents For PS3 10/02/2013
Beyond: Two Souls edited slightly to secure 16+ rating, edits worth 5-10 seconds of gameplay 10/01/2013
European Version of Beyond: Two Souls ‘Edited Slightly’ 10/01/2013
Sony confirms Beyond censored in Europe 10/01/2013
Beyond is about opening doors & showing people games aren’t just about shooting, says Cage 09/30/2013
‘Beyond: Two Souls’ author scoffs at warnings of using female protagonist 09/26/2013
Beyond: Two Souls – David Cage talks movies, audience, accessibility 09/26/2013
Beyond: Two Souls Interview with David Cage 09/25/2013
Willem Dafoe, Ellen Page star in interactive game 09/25/2013
French Paper Cites €20 Million Price Tag For 'Beyond: Two Souls' 09/23/2013
Out at midnight: Control Ellen Paige using your iPhone with Beyond Touch app 09/11/2013
PAX Prime 2013 Impressions: Beyond: Two Souls 09/03/2013
Beyond: Two Souls Gets R18+ Rating in Australia 08/28/2013
Beyond: Two Souls Astonishingly Rated R18+ 08/28/2013
Beyond: Two Souls has threats of sexual violence 08/28/2013
Beyond: Two Souls rated R18+, drug use looks like the major culprit 08/28/2013
Quantic Dream CEO David Cage Doesn't Believe In The 'Game Over' 08/23/2013
Want To Play 'Beyond: Two Souls' But Don't Like Buttons? There's An App For That 08/23/2013
Musical Composer Behind The Dark Knight Trilogy Will Work On Beyond: Two Souls 08/23/2013
No 'game over' in Beyond: Two Souls, but Jodi can die 08/22/2013
Beyond: Two Souls to have two-player mode, tablet and phone control 08/21/2013
‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Will Have Co-op Gameplay & Can Be Controlled by Touchscreen Devices 08/21/2013
Control Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls with your tablet or smartphone in upcoming companion app 08/21/2013
Gamescom 2013: Beyond: Two Souls’ has Beyond Touch for Android, iOS 08/21/2013
Beyond Two Souls has co-op, is playable with touchscreen devices 08/21/2013
'Beyond: Two Souls' co-op will let players control Ellen Page's ghost with a smartphone 08/21/2013
Beyond: Two Souls lets players use iOS and Android devices as controllers 08/21/2013
Beyond: Two Souls has multiplayer, an app that turns touchscreens into controllers 08/21/2013
Current-gen blockbuster Beyond: Two Souls prepared to thrive in next-gen world 08/07/2013
Director David Cage On Playing A Life In Full In “Beyond: Two Souls” 07/19/2013
E3 2013: Beyond: Two Souls Impressions 07/17/2013
Beyond: Two Souls Reveals Two-Part Gameplay, Ghost 'Force' Mechanics 06/28/2013
Naughty Dog Responds To Ellen Page Comment 06/25/2013
Ellen Page upset with The Last of Us for “ripping off” her likeness 06/24/2013
Ellen Page Isn’t Happy With The Last of Us’ Ellie 06/24/2013
Naughty Dog “ripped off” Ellen Page’s likeness, actor says 06/24/2013
Ellen Page Says Naughty Dog 'Ripped Off' Her Likeness For 'The Last Of Us' 06/24/2013
Ellen Page says Naughty Dog "ripped off" her likeness 06/24/2013
Ellen Page: The Last of Us’ Ellie rips me off 06/24/2013
Ellen Page Says The Last Of Us' Ellie "Ripped Off My Likeness" 06/23/2013
Ellen Page Doesn't Appreciate the Use of Her Likeness in The Last of Us 06/23/2013
Ellen Page “they ripped off my likeness” in The Last of Us 06/23/2013
Ellen Page Doesn’t Appreciate That Naughty Dog ‘Ripped Off’ Her Likeness For The Last Of Us 06/23/2013
'Beyond: Two Souls' preview: Quick-time event of duty - E3 2013 06/22/2013
E3 2013: Beyond: Two Souls - Modern Warfare? 06/19/2013
E3: The troubled nature of Beyond: Two Souls 06/19/2013
E3 2013: Beyond: Two Souls innovates the QTE 06/18/2013
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