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Headline Date
Beyond: Two Souls is 'emotional journey' 07/31/2012
Beyond: Two Souls' focus is 'meaning, not fun', says David Cage 07/30/2012
Ellen Page on Her Experience Doing Motion Capture 07/30/2012
Ellen Page Describes Video Game Work as a 'Crazy Acting Bootcamp' 07/26/2012
David Cage & Ellen Page Share Details on ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ 07/20/2012
PS3's 'Beyond: Two Souls' Gives Us Gameplay, Plot, and Ellen Page 07/20/2012
Ellen Page is ‘Beyond’ real in ‘emotional and subversive’ game 07/19/2012
Ellen: Video game role moved me 07/18/2012
Ellen Page plays herself in video game 'Beyond: Two Souls' 07/15/2012
Voice Actor Shares too Much during Beyond: Two Souls Comic-Con 2012 Panel 07/13/2012
How Quantic Dream Is Taking The Leap That Games Need To Evolve 07/13/2012
SDCC: Beyond: Two Souls panel yields gameplay details 07/13/2012
Beyond: Two Souls footage shows Ellen Page, co-stars 07/13/2012
Beyond: Two Souls - New video features Ellen Page filming her part in Quantic Dream's new game 07/13/2012
Beyond: Two Souls: Behind the scenes video reveals two new actors 07/12/2012
New Beyond: Two Souls Information Revealed 07/12/2012
Kadeem Hardison and Eric Winter Confirmed to Co-Star in Beyond: Two Souls 07/12/2012
Go Behind The Scenes With Beyond, Meet Two New Actors 07/12/2012
Beyond: Two Souls Concept Art Is Slightly Supernatural 07/12/2012
Beyond: Two Souls features 160 actors, Ellen Page in a submarine 07/12/2012
New actors revealed to star in Beyond: Two Souls 07/12/2012
Willem Dafoe not starring in Beyond: Two Souls, Kadeem Hardison is 07/12/2012
Beyond: Two Souls Puts Ellen Page Underwater 07/12/2012
SDCC 2012: Willem Dafoe Won’t Be In Beyond: Two Souls 07/12/2012
Comic-Con: Beyond: Two Souls New Video, Actors 07/12/2012
'Beyond: Two Souls' adds Kadeem Hardison, Eric Winter to cast 07/12/2012
Ellen Page ready for her video game close-up 07/12/2012
Gaze the vast starscape at Comic-Con 07/10/2012
Beyond: Two Souls Will Let You Control Jodie and Her Ghostly Companion 07/05/2012
David Cage on grief, game design and Beyond: Two Souls 07/04/2012
Sony unveils San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Lineup 07/04/2012
Beyond: Two Souls E3 interviews - David Cage & Ray Khalastchi 06/27/2012
Willem Dafoe to join Ellen Page for Beyond: Two Souls? 06/20/2012
Willem Dafoe Working On Beyond: Two Souls? 06/20/2012
Rumor: Willem Dafoe Joins Beyond 06/20/2012
Rumor: Willem Dafoe To Co-Star In Quantic Dream’s Beyond Two Souls 06/20/2012
Willem Dafoe Rumored for Supporting Role in Quantic Dream’s ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ 06/20/2012
Willem Dafoe for role in Quantic Dream's 'Beyond: Two Souls'? 06/20/2012
Sony’s Beyond gets Willem Dafoe co-star 06/20/2012
Willem Dafoe Rumored to Join Beyond: Two Souls Voice Cast 06/20/2012
Willem Dafoe Joins the Cast of "Beyond: Two Souls" 06/20/2012
Willem Dafoe 'to star alongside Ellen Page in Beyond' 06/20/2012
Willem Dafoe to co-star in Beyond: Two Souls 06/20/2012
Willem Dafoe joining Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls? 06/20/2012
Rumor: Willem Dafoe Will Co-Star in Quantic Dream’s Beyond 06/19/2012
Is Willem Dafoe In Beyond? 06/19/2012
Rumor: Willem Dafoe co-starring in Beyond: Two Souls 06/19/2012
Willem Dafoe to co-star in Quantic Dream's Beyond 06/19/2012
Rumor: Ellen Page to be joined by Willem Dafoe in Beyond: Two Souls 06/19/2012
A Familiar Actor May Join The Cast Of Beyond: Two Souls 06/19/2012
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